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CercaCasa Looking for a home? cercacasa.it is the natural place to find the property you are looking for. Our unique goal is to find you, quickly and at the right price, not just your first home or holiday home, but also offices, business premises, sheds and activities for sale.

cercacasa.it is the first professional portal for the promotion of real estate designed and built by real estate professionals and also managed according to social oriented logic. A portal open to all the potential of web 2.0. The experience of more than 12,000 industry professionals comes to the most innovative solution for managing your real estate and integrating with real estate agents around the globe that will help you find a property that matches your needs more quickly.

cercacasa.it provides detailed descriptions of the properties with photos, real estate plans, video, highlighting on the map the services in the property area (schools, post offices, pharmacies, public transport, hospitals ...) as well as providing useful information to Families and those who want to change their homes.

About cercacasa.it you also find useful information for buying the property, the corresponding taxation, the funding you need, the industry news. What are the costs to bear in addition to the price of the property, at what rates can you finance the purchase, what tax breaks are foreseen when purchasing the "first home". What are the different types of rental contracts? Why is it important to know the energy class of the property? You will find the answers, using the service the expert answers! Ethics and Professionalism are the indispensable values ​​at the foundations of the cercacasa.it project

This portal is born under the auspices of Fiaip, Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents, which has always been working to make the real estate market more ethical and transparent.